How to Install Presets

This Video Describes how to Install and Export Mobile Presets to your Mobile lightroom app From Dropbox

Step 1: Download the free dropbox app (this method skips a lot of complicated steps)

Step 2: Click on the link provided in the PDF attached in your email receipt

Step 3: You should See your presets you purchased. (Note: These are either raw images that do not have any Filter on them or a Basic Placeholder Image) the image does not represent the preset. The preset is a File with all of the Filter elements. The Image is Just a Placeholder. CLICK on the 3 dots below the image (…) then hit (export) Note: if you dont see the 3 (…) then you are not in the dropbox app please open the link in the dropbox app

Step 4: you will now see apps below to export the preset to. swipe the apps to the left and hit (More …) Then click Lightroom (Your Preset in now uploaded to Lightroom you will have to do this to each Preset in your pack) Note: you must now Save the Preset and label your Filter Example: Influencer 1 Influencer 2 Light & airy 1 Ect To do this you must click the 3 (…) now on the Top right in the lightroom app while your on the preset. Then (Create Preset) and label it. Dont forget to hit the Check mark to save it after labeling it.

Step: 5 Do this for all the Presets and Create Amazing Photos! If you have any questions Please Reach out to me @magicpresetfilters instagram page Thank you for your Purchase!